Kendra Lema

Name: Kendra (Sublette) Lema
Current Residence: Houston, Texas
Status: Kendra is an alumna of Mines
Graduation Year: 1996 (Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering)
Giving Clubs: President’s Council, Century Society
Involvement at Mines: She serves as the ConocoPhillips College Partner for Mines and is involved with the ConocoPhillips Center for a Sustainable WE2ST

You recently became the youngest alumna in the Century Society – that’s quite an accomplishment.
“I set this goal for myself years ago and chipped away at it in my giving and with matching gifts through ConocoPhillips. I set the life goal relatively early in my career and by contributing regularly and using the match, I was able to reach it earlier than maybe is traditionally seen.” 

What’s the most important part of your giving?
“The most powerful thing for me is the endowed scholarship I created. It’s called The Lema Endowed Scholarship and it provides support for 4 years and it alternates between a male and female student of any major, from anywhere, studying anything. What I consider a flexible and long term commitment to individual students has helped me create relationship with them. I keep in touch with them as they go into their early career. I have a picture of each one of them at graduation and I hope to have an entire wall of them.”

How else do you stay connected to Mines?
“Working with the ConocoPhillips Center for a Sustainable WE2ST was fantastic. I was also part of the ConocoPhillips team that worked on Marquez Hall and have been the university partner between Conoco and Mines for the past seven years.” 

How do you encourage others to support Mines?
“When I talk to people, I tell them about the scholarship and about how if you contribute early, it can grow into something large over time. In 2014, I was the keynote speaker at the Society of Women Engineers Evening of Industry. In that speech, I talked about having established an endowed scholarship and I challenged people there to find ways to give back. My scholarship recipient was in the room and I had her stand up so they could see that connection.”