Will Thieme

Name: Will Thieme
Current Residence: Greenwood Village, Colo.
Status: Will is an alum of Mines
Graduation Year: 2017 (Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business)
Involvement at Mines: Will was president of the Mines Philanthropy Council

You just graduated - what are you doing now?
I’m an analyst at Broe Infrastructure, a private family office in Cherry Creek. We evaluate many investment opportunities and select the best ones to develop. I create economic models for each project to determine its return on investment. I also research the project and the people and communities involved so that we can better understand the deal. I didn’t know what I’d end up doing after Mines, all I knew is that I wanted to do something with business and analytics. I had no idea I’d be working in investments.

How did you get started with the Mines Philanthropy Council (MPC)?
I got involved with MPC at President Johnson’s welcome dinner at the Governor’s mansion in Denver back in 2015. Personally. I’ve always believed in giving back. Throughout my life I’ve had a few stellar opportunities through the generosity of others. Now I want to pay it forward. Mines has some phenomenal donors who have given lots of time and resources which make a huge difference to the students. Over the past year I believe Mines Philanthropy Council helped make students more aware of the extended community beyond Mines that gives back. I know we had record donations and number of donors from the student body this past year and I hope that trend continues.

What was your favorite part of being involved in MPC?
Philanthro-Tank got a lot of students excited about philanthropy. We had lots of growth and interest in it in my two years on the council. Hopefully that continues going forward. This was one of my favorite projects because it provided a way for students to connect with a couple of donors, step outside their comfort zone, and see how STEM and business can interact. I think we’ll see more interest every year. It’s a great way for student organizations on campus to get resources beyond the traditional means and pursue their passions.

How do you use your Mines education now that you've graduated?

Everyday in my job I am presented with a variety of problems and challenges. Often there is no immediate path to a solution, but my experience from the rigor of Mines helps me solve these problems in an efficient and effective manner. I frequently use my quantitative analysis skills to gain insights into business transactions that others might overlook. Mines teaches students to find solutions on their own. After a challenging education at Mines I I can tackle any challenge presented to me.