Young Alumni

Why should I give?

As a young alum, you represent ¼ of Mines' alumni base and are critical to ensuring the success of future generations of scientists and engineers. Your participation is vital to sustaining Mines’ reputation and preserving the value of your Mines degree.

Gifts of all sizes make an impact

We understand that you are a recent graduate who is starting a new job, paying off student loans, or making payments on the purchase of a new home. Making a monthly gift to Mines is a convenient and affordable way to provide immediate support to current students. Find out more about the many ways to give to your alma mater.  

Young Alumni President’s Council

As a young alum (2009-2017), you can join the President’s Council with a gift of $100 the year you graduate, and then an additional $100 each year following graduation (i.e. if you graduated four years ago, then you can join the President's Council with a gift of $400). Learn more about The President's Council and how to join this exclusive community of support.

For more information about the Young Alumni Giving program, please contact:

Sara Pond
Senior Director, Annual Giving