About Us

As the official gift-receiving agency for the university, the Colorado School of Mines Foundation holds and professionally manages the Mines endowment. An independent tax-exempt entity (501(c)(3) organization) founded in 1928 and incorporated in 1951, the foundation works to advance public understanding and philanthropic support for Mines’ unique mission. Donations to the foundation are tax-deductible, as provided by the Internal Revenue Code. Learn more about our policies and commitment to members of Mines' community of support.

Our Mission

The Colorado School of Mines Foundation advances the university’s mission by maximizing private support and managing resources to fund the present and secure the future of Colorado School of Mines.

Our Leadership

The Board of Governors develops the mission and guiding values of the Colorado School of Mines Foundation, while the President & Chief Operating Officer oversees the foundation’s day-to-day operations.

CSMF Property Management Corporation, a tax-exempt entity, handles real property transfers and makes decisions to accept donated property based on thorough property reviews. Your land or other property is ultimately converted to tangible support for Colorado School of Mines.