Core Strengths

Tradition, rigorous academics and unwavering determination have helped make Mines the leading science and engineering university it is today. We are building on our core strengths and strengthening our foundation of support for the years and decades ahead.

We are establishing more endowed chairs and professorships to attract and retain a faculty of experts. We are creating opportunity for the world’s best students through a more robust financial aid program. We are fostering support for excellence funds, which ensure that departments and programs have the resources they need to stay at the forefront of innovation.

There are many ways to advance Mines' core strengths:

Faculty support not only provides faculty with the resources to teach but to make significant breakthroughs for the good of the world.

More than 80% of Mines students benefit from financial assistance. By investing in scholarships and fellowships, you make someone's dreams come true.

Did you know that a gift of any amount has significant impact? $5 buys one pound of copper wiring, $10 buys a deburring tool, $75 registers a student for a conference.  Every contribution to Mines' world-class departments and programs builds a stronger resource base for Mines students as they work hard to become leaders in their fields.

Your investment in the Mines endowment supports Mines students, faculty and programs for many years to come.